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Esmond Elementary School 2017-2018

Dr. Angela R. Tucker


Esmond family would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to our learning community as we start the 2017 – 2018 school year. Our educational website has been designed to support high-quality academic and extra-curricular programs that are geared toward helping plan and prepare for academic excellence. We are the humbled recipients of “Chance the Rapper” kind donation of $100,000.00 to support Arts in Education. Our goal is to enhance our Arts Program and for the first time ever, offer classes in Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts. We are ecstatic and thrilled to receive this enhancement for the children and families in our school. Esmond has embraced the Arts!

We believe that the key foundation toward advancing academic and social success stems from relentless, motivated, and effective faculty and staff members of Esmond School. We all take great pride in identifying and addressing the social-emotional and cognitive developmental needs of all students. We strongly believe that the ability to learn depends upon a quality education and highly qualified teachers. We also believe that the comfort and safety students experience at school and the strength of their relationships with adults and peers serve as a major factor in sustaining academic success and overall school improvements.  

This year, our theme is “Relationships Matter.” Our faculty and staff will work alongside our students and families as change agents as we strengthen our partnerships to prepare students for challenges of tomorrow. Esmond students have great potential. Our students are being taught effective collaboration and critical thinking skill-sets that will ultimately provide them with essential tools to access higher levels of education and make adequate career choices in this highly competitive and global economy. Morning meeting discussions and sharing experiences through social emotional supports will help them learn and develop confidence when communicating with their peers. We are committed to helping students learn through their strengths to pique their interest while providing transitional opportunities from the classroom to the community.  

Finally, our families enable us to function as a cohesive community of learners which are critical factors to sustain student success in ever changing times. Parents are children’s first teachers, which allows us to take a unified approach as we work together in identifying their highest academic potential.  The community positive change force is so powerful that it has elevated the Beverly/Morgan Park community of learners in realizing the true potential of their educational influences. We will continue to reach out and strengthen partnerships with new and returning families this school year. 

We would like to thank our many supporters while simultaneously seeking additional partnerships from other stakeholders who share the moral obligation and vested interest in building Esmond Scholars. We are on an amazing journey integrating the arts in our educational program this year. We hope you will come along as we have been provided with another "Chance" to soar to even greater heights.  

Educationally yours,

Dr. Angela R. Tucker